Dear Mr. Alan Weisman

The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

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Yvo de Boer, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), hast fielded questions exclusively from users on the environmental issues.


In Open letter answers.

 The global discussion on the issues that matter, with Nobel prize winner Albert Gor and team.

 Dear Mr. A.Gor,

    We are not anxious to win the prize “Virgin Earth Challenge”, because till February 8th, 2010 (the “Closing Date”) when the judges shall judge the entries submitted, the whole World may come to death. It may happen if the humanity does not stop to follow СО2 theory.
            Over the last 7 years we are trying to prove that this theory will not solve the problem of Global warming and that the age of the Earth is limited.
    In your address to the participants of “Virgin Earth Challenge” Sir Richard Branson concluded:
«I believe that a solution to the C02 problem could hopefully be found – a solution that could save our planet - not only for our children but for all the children yet to come.”
    As we have understood you are not indifferent to the Earth’s destiny, and we hope that our message will be read.

.Natural phenomenon «Global Warming» new theory.

    Carbon dioxide gas, generated from burning of the amount of hydrocarbons, is recognized by many researchers as the main reason of the global warming.
This point of view became prevailing in the World and became a basis for signing of the Kyoto protocol that restricts CO2 emission into the atmosphere.
    Our longlasting researches in the area of nature catastrophes origin showed that in the 20th century the changes of «Global Warming» happen not due to the Sun and Moon influence, not because of the influence of cosmic rays and the emission of Carbon dioxide,

but due to the breaking of balance in the Earth’s interior.

Energy generated by humans is not limited by using of hydrocarbon fuel; much more energy is generated in using of the explosives.

    During the 20th a great amount of energy was generated from the explosions during World War I, II and other wars. But a huge amount of energy was generated from nuclear tests, when over 1500 bombs were tested. In this connection the energy generated from hydrocarbon fuel burning makes less than 10% from the total energy generated from the explosion. But for all that, we should not but take into consideration the energy generated from the fall of Tungus (1906),  Pacific Ocean (2001), Vitim (2002) meteorites and 21th  century wars.
    Our theory provides an alternate view to the influence of energy, generated by surface and subsurface explosions, to the change of the Earth's interior and consequently to the change of the global climate and nature catastrophes.
    The weather observations, which we’ve been making during the last years give the resume that – the consequence after the powerful hits do a greater harm to the Earth (much greater than CO2).
    This resume is based on the natural phenomenon – “Vortical streams in the molten magma” which take place in the Earth crust.
The size of this vortex is impressible: diameter is more than 5000-8000 km, the thickness can reach 500-1000 km. In this case “Magma vortex” (we named mv“Vova”) has the volume of 50 000 000 000 km3 and have the weight of 1018 ton.

We discovered the direct relation between the weather and the behavior of “Magma vortex”, which gave the basis for our theory of climate forming and the theory of tectonic catastrophes.

    Our letter which contained the information about the real reason of Earth climate changing, namely the numerous bombing, were left without an answer.
Internet and newspaper issues describing the reasons of global climate changing also did not attract the public attention.
    The public belief that the main reason of climate changing is СО2 is supported by the fact that the towns’ atmosphere is polluted by Carbon dioxide gas. This pollution is obvious to the majority.  
    But geotectonic state of the Earth interior is not evident.
It may become evident if basing on our theory to process the data registered by meteorological satellites.  These results show a catastrophic view.
    We do not reject the struggling for clear air, but the neglecting of the real reasons of climate changing can become fatal.
As the result now we are having the complete change of the basic weather cyclone routs in the Northern hemisphere and the global weather changing.

 For example 1:

    The scheme of natural catastrophes after the war in Afghanistan (2001) and fall of the Pacific ocean (2001), Vitim (2002) meteorites. The data is obtained from meteorological satellites.

For example 2:

US NEWS:   April 11, 2007,
    With a blanket of snow covering the playing field Wednesday and a small mound of slush settling on the statue of Harry Caray outside the ballpark, Wrigley Field looked ready for its close-up. Chicago Gets April Snow. The calendar may say April, but the weather suggests late February, and the sloppy mixture of snow and rain is expected to continue falling most of the day.
CNN:   26 June 2007,
    Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes amid severe flooding across England and Wales that is now believed to have claimed four lives.
 Why it was snowing in Chicago, New York, and flooding across England and Wales?

The answer is visible in an applied maps of weather forecast.

The forecast of weather changes for the year of 2007 in accordance with tectonic activity of the Earth interior.©


This map is based on the tectonic activity of the Earth as well as on the developed theory and technique of calculation.. The given technique proves to be true by numerous calculations hold since the year 2000.

This theory is published in Russian scientific magazine " Geophysics " №6, 2006, «The theory of tectonic accidents – myths and a reality» in Russian.

The technique (our know-how) is based on the processing of information of the electromagnetic Earth radiation which is registered by satellites. It has been proved by numerous observations that there exist a direct dependence connection between geotectonic activity of the Earth and its electromagnetic radiation. This dependence helps to define place and time of tectonic catastrophe and Climate changes.

For example 3

The Earthquake Forecast Map.


The neglect of the intervention into the vortex processes in the Earth magma by the continuation of bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Emirates explosion, can lead to the irreversible and uncontrollable aftermath and the death of the whole World.

As the result now we are having the complete change of the basic weather cyclone routs in the Northern hemisphere and the global weather changing.

However, grandiose ecocatastrophe, convulsion of nature, of a Mount St. Helens in USA in 1980, under my theory, was a test of atomic bombs by USA. 

 We has already sent a lot of letters to CNN, BBC, organizations and authorities of many countries, warning beforehand about the possibility of earthquakes, but did not received any answer.

We hope that our researchers, on the basis of which it is possible to improve the exactness of weather forecast and to tell people where, when and why nature catastrophes can happen, and thus to save thousand of lives, will be of interest for You.

The dead point???

The technique provides an opportunity to control the place of globe which is accessible to space supervision and, the more distance it covers, the more exact and long-life forecast can be done.

Application of this technique will allow to plan more purposefully carrying out of the researches foreseen in the Climate Change.


1.      Increase of carbonic acid gas content in the atmosphere is not the main reason of the climate warming.
2.      Greenhouse effect caused by the carbonic acid gas (generated from hydrocarbons burning) can significantly influence only limited territories of industrial cities.
3.      The energy of mass exchange and heat exchange during the Magma vortex movement in the asthenosphere significantly influences the climate of the Earth.
4.      Shock-wave impact on magma from the Earth surface is one of the main reasons that changes the directions of Magma stream movement and generates Magma vortex.
5.     The origination and movement of atmosphere currents and cyclones directly depends on the power of Magma stream and vortex and directions of their movement.
6.      Volcano eruptions are likely to be caused by the repression pressure of the MV front part.
7.      Earthquakes are likely to be caused by MV front part influence on the mounting formation, which occurs in the liquid lithosphere, with further quick compression pressure drop when the drawdown funnel passes the mounting formation.
8.      Intensification of the asthenosphere stirring causes its quicker cooling down by means of quicker heat dispersion in the ambient space from more heated earth's crust, which leads to the faster beginning of the ice age.
9.      Total prohibition of massive bombardments and nuclear weapons tests becomes the main task of the tellurians for the climate protection.
10.  It is necessary to introduce strict limits and international control over the “peace explosions” for industrial purposes.
11.  Military authorities are to be blamed for the global warming on the Earth to a greater extent than oil and gas companies.

            From the above saying it goes that the main subject for “Virgin Earth Challenge” is not the technical or technological project, but the political project:

«Total prohibition of Earth bombing».

Realization of such project will need not the financial, but political decision.

    We hope that having such reputation as yours and a great number of supporters in the struggle of the Earth saving, you will be able to carry these massage to the world politicians.
    If you wish to learn in details the theory and methods of weather calculation, we will be glad to share our knowledge with you.
    We do not reject the struggling for clear air, but the neglecting of the real reasons of climate changing can become fatal,  concludes that mitigation - taking strong action to reduce emissions - must be viewed as an investment, a cost incurred now and in the coming few decades to avoid the risks of very severe consequences in the future.

 For example 4

 New Year's 2008 Present    

31.12.2007 Bombing Iraq and Afghanistan

As a result of the
New Year's Present.

Dear Mr. Alan Weisman

We look forward to receiving your response.

Best of luck with your work. Kind regards.

Vladimir Shenderov
, Inna Shenderova


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